Deer Creek

CA 1 at Deer Creek Rd, Malibu, Ca 90265
Deer Creek is a very popular beach for spear hunters and divers. Beach is located on highway 1 near Point Magu. Where Deer Creek road intersects with highway 1. Shore is rugged and rocky with a stretch of sand, access is limited to stairs.

Thick kelp and reef starts at 20 feet and reaches out to 30-35 at depth over 200 yards making this beach an easy get to. The outer reef has large boulders, crevices, and cracks where lobster can be seen.

One of the disadvantages to this beach is It's exposure to the open sea, so in recommendation check tide and weather report before attempting to dive area. Any more than two feet waves can be a risk for a pounding. Watch out for rocks in the surf zone while entering and exiting the beach.
Parking: Side of Road 5:00 a.m-10:00p.m

Facilities: N/A

Visibility: 4-15 feet

Game: Good

Access: Stairs

Entry: Advanced due to waves breaking on or close to shore.

No Restrooms or Showers
Location Details
  • Min Cert:
  • Parking Fees: -
  • Restrooms: no
  • Showers: no

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