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SCDiving Dive Shop Dive More Membership plan allows you to make monthly payments, so you do not have to pay a lump sum amount for some services.  Plans also included Unlimited Air Fills and 24/7 VIP Room Access.

Some plans include - Rental Equipment, Tank Hydro Testing

For additional fees, you can also add additional tanks and regulators to your membership

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Level I

Best for newer Scuba Divers

1 Tank & 1 Regulator




  • 24/7 VIP Room Access
  • Unlimited Tank Fills - 1 Tank
  • Yearly Visual Tank Inspection
  • Tank Tumble (as needed)
  • Tank Hydro (every 5 years)
  • Yearly Regulator Inspection
  • Bi-Annual Regulator Overhaul (parts not included)
  • 5% off Retail Purchases
Level III

Best for those who love the water and cant get enough

Price based on number of Tanks and Regulators




  • Price based on number of Tanks & Regulators
  • 1 Weekend Scuba Package Rental per month
  • 10% off Retail Purchases

Unlimited Tank Fills, Yearly Tank VIS Inspection(s) and Hydro Testing - Only the number of tanks included in your plan will be filled.  Tank must be registered in the plan.

Tank Hydro Testing requires a 5 year membership commitment.  Early Cancellation will be prorated + $25 Cancellation Fee

Retail Price Discounts - Some products are price protected by the Manufactures and discounts cannot be given below MAP pricing.

Add On to your any membership plan:

  • $5.99 mo - Each Additional Tank for Unlimited Air Fills & Yearly VIS Inspection
  • $0.75 mo - Each Additional Tank for Hydro Static Testing (5 Year membership commitment required)
  • $8.99 mo - Each Additional Regulator System (Yearly Visual Inspection, Bi-annual overhaul)
  • $12.50 mo - Each Additional Yearly Boat Spot

Prices are based on the following rates:

  • $5.00 per each Air Fill
  • $20.00 per each Yearly Visual Tank Inspection
  • $45.00 per each Tank Hydro Testing (Every 5 Years)
  • $99.00 per each Regulator System (Yearly Computer Diagnostics, Bi-annual System Overhaul) (Does not include part kids, battery replacement or broken part replacements.  Note adjustments will not be made to any regulator system that was not overhauled by SCDiving.)

Questions?  Send us a message!

Following the proper maintenance and testing will help prevent failures. 

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